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My Philosophy

For the best results, I can achieve in my facials, I mix pampering with advanced techniques and products. A clinical facial with a relaxing environment, specializing in designing facials that will transform your skin. Using the appropriate products, all skin types, dry, oily, combination, sensitive, acne, rosacea, fine lines/wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, improve after just one treatment.


You will be amazed after your first visit and will look forward to your next.

My name is Kathleen Shapona and I have been an esthetician for over 3o years. I opened Skin Sense by Kathleen 18 years ago. Prior to opening my own office, I worked in a medical spa, started up facial services in the office of a private plastic surgeon and lived in Sydney, Australia, where I was the manager of two facial salons. Going back further than that, I also started the technique at The Face Place, now known as Benefit, of styling brows and tinting lashes while sitting upright. This technique is still in place to this day at every Benefit shop worldwide. In 1993 while working for the Estee Lauder Spa in I Magnin, Union Square, I won top esthetician in the country for the Estee Lauder Spas. I have attended many classes and have been trained by various skin care companies over the years. I attend an Esthetics Conference every year to continue my education and be updated on the latest information and technology in the skin care industry.


Esthetics is one of my passions as I had acne-prone skin when I was a teenager. If you know how the skin functions, take into consideration genes, diet, and sun exposure, you can change the skin dramatically.


There have been many advances in technology and formulations of skin care products that can help every type of skin problem. I have witnessed the amazing change in my own skin as well as my clients over the years. I invite you to take a chance and see how I can make that amazing change for you.



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